Fake It Til You Make It..

Or so they say!
It’s worked for me before, so here we go again.

I must admit, I haven’t been happy really at all. My life isn’t what it was a year ago. In some cases – great! In others – not so wonderful.

I’ve really been thinking about what I’m missing. And here’s my list..
..being creative. Solution: get creative again! More photos and more writing.
..being in nature. Solution: I’ve already been walking a couple times this week. That shall continue!
..learning. Solution: I’ve started an herb garden, peeps! Basil, oregano, sage, rosemary, & thyme (I think). Haha! Even remembering who’s out there is a step.
..exploring. Whether it be the city or some new adventure. Solution: Go. Do.

In conclusion – not that I really wrote home about much this post : ) – somethin’s gotta change. That is my mission and it begins this week!

Happy almost Monday!




Say It



Face Kisses & Awesomeness..

I’ve been trying to think of something intelligent/substantial/thought provoking to write.

That hasn’t happened, so I’m deciding to just write.

I’ve left facebook once again and plan to remain removed. I’ve had the question why a lot. The short answer is that I feel like I miss the days of no facebook on my brain. I want to be present in my life – I pride myself on that. I want to actually be friends with people who I claim to be friends with or who claim to be so with me. Facebook has become too much of a show for me.

I did keep a souvenir – an internet meme sent to me last week when I was sick. I hope you take it to heart as much as I have. (I threw in a picture of some adorable squirrels too! Ya know, ’cause I love ’em.)

Happy Tuesday!





face kisses

Hi, Lady..


Mr Man who lives beneath me (literally. I’d never say that as a derogatory thing) said “Hi, Lady!” and proceeded to jump almost as high as his dog to wave to me. In other news, I’ve thus discovered where the smokey smell has been creeping up from.

I met another tenant who also just moved out of his parents’ home so that was a comforting thing in a way.I think the more connections I make, the better the place will seem. In time, B. In time.

Subject number three! My favorite one! ..How awesome of a girlfriend I am. Allow me to let the photo say it all..Enjoy!


Happy Friday, peeps!



Crayola to the Rescue..

It all began last weekend. I moved into my first apartment. I’m living on my own. The actual packing and moving and unpacking of things all went well, but the transition was difficult for a couple days. Not to mention the loveliest part of all – dropping my diamond earring down the drain on night 3.

Night three lead to me discovering a way I’d make myself cheer up. I bought Crayola color swirl bathtub crayons and decided to write goofy messages on my shower walls to make me laugh. Then I realized they work on my coffee table! I’ve been writing lists of things to get on that surface. 

After the night 3 debacle and realizations, things became much better. Not necessarily because of those moments but I think things just clicked. I became more comfortable in this strange new place. I realized I’m going to be ok, and not only that, but I’ll love being independent. It’s what I’ve wanted for so long. I’m growing into it. 

I’ll post pictures of the place once things are settled down and not still lingering in boxes. But until then, enjoy the first messages to meself. : )


Happy days!





Thoughts From The Mat..

“Locate yourself here.” – Ali (of Bull City Yoga)

The best quote of the week ..by far. Yoga was my much-needed escape this week. Sometimes my escape is running, but this week it was definitely yoga. And the place was Bull City Yoga. With Ali as the instructor. It was a whole hour and fifteen minutes of complete Me Time. Away from worries and stress and concerns and thoughts. It was my break. I hear people tell me all the time how they never get a break. They rarely (if ever) take time out for themselves. One thing massage therapy taught me, and yoga reminded me, is that you have to take time out for you. You’ll burn out and crash if you don’t. So this is one thing I’m going to work my hardest at incorporating in my life. And I’d encourage you to do the same : ) In the long run, it’s an unselfish thing. People love you and need you.

I’m thankful for: Yoga, and class with Ali!


One of my favorite Maine plates, which seems to fit today.

One of my favorite Maine plates, which seems to fit today.

Oh! And peeps ..I found another blog to follow! Courtesy of Ash & Cole Gorman (their site is blestphotography.com) & the new one is (www.autumnharrisonblog.com).  This couple is a DJ/photographer duo!! How stinkin’ cool is that?!

Friends of Every Kind..

“Enthusiasm finds the opportunities, and energy makes the most of them.” – Henry Hoskins

“A true critic ought to dwell rather upon excellencies than imperfections.” – Joseph Addison

“I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.” – Socrates

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” – Lao Tzu

Last week I spent some catch-up time with my friend, M. We visited Blend Cafe in Durham in the Golden Belt (which I didn’t even know existed before that day). I kind of knew a part of the Golden Belt, but I just didn’t know I knew. I’m confused, show of hands – who’s with me?! So I’d been to this place called The Scrap Exchange before, but because I entered the parking lot a different way, I was unaware of what awesomeness also existed in this chunk of the town. There’s Blend, The Cotton Room (a great event space), The Scrap Exchange, Liberty Arts, artist studios, a yoga studio, & a host of other venues. After lunch at Blend, we were given an unofficial tour of a few other locations. We ended up taking pictures on the dock – we were goofballs! Hope you enjoy our results!! ALSO – thanks to M, I now know that Obladi Oblada is a song by the Beatles. Yes, my music knowledge has improved immensely in recent years, peeps. Here’s a video of the song!

There was also one day where I spent the better part of an afternoon with my bfrand. I’ve seen many-a-day with this lady. It’s rare to find one (let alone two..my second person being my guy) person who gets you & has had a similar life path. Thanks to A&P (anatomy and physiology) I met this awesome chick and we’ve been together ever since. This particular day, we ventured to Cocoa & Cinnamon in downtown Durham. A pretty neat spot off Geer St. Where I was fascinated by this place called Motorco down the street. I still don’t know what was written on the sign some guy was standing next to..that will probably bother me for weeks. We visited Daisy Cakes before they closed (love their desserts!). It was B’s first time there. She approved : )

We wandered around downtown for a bit after that with Baby (my camera) in hand. We caught some pretty neat shots! One of my favorites is the one looking down the track. And it only took about 50 tries to get our reflection picture, but we did it! I could not imagine my life without this girl! Everyone should have a B in their life.

The next day, my cat and dog were especially clingy and looking so cute, so I got Baby back out. I went for a brief and freezing walk that morning and noticed how our flowers were starting to bloom outside. When the sun peeked out a bit more, I took Baby outside and clicked the shutter a few times.

It was nice to have a bit of free time last week  & enjoy it with some special peeps!

I am thankful for: friends & pets!



A Bull creation outside Liberty Arts..way cool!

A Bull creation outside Liberty Arts..way cool!

The dock

The dock

My gift from M - a necklace with a map of Maine!!!

My gift from M – a necklace with a map of Maine!!!


Down The Rail

Take 100

Watch Your Step

Look To The Beyond

Hanging Down

Sweet Hello

Furry Green



A Dreamy December..

Yes, I really did include “dreamy” in my post title. You would too if you had my December.

One of the most honorable mentions is to my dearly (now broken) ring from the Thanksgiving trip. It was purple and pretty and now it’s in tiny pieces. Sad. Just sad. Thank goodness I took pictures!!

This month I was also introduced to many “Elf on the Shelf” characters. One in particular was named Elfie. M’s first elf on the shelf. He was so cool! I had to help Elfie fly on a couple of occasions. Hehe. The story that comes with Elfie (or whatever you may end up naming your elf) is so sweet. I actually managed to get a picture of M reading the story the last week I nannied for him.

December was a sad month in that aspect. Nannying and massage therapy school came to a close. Both on high notes I must say. Watching M was such a joy. There were many tears unleashed that last week. I don’t do well with goodbyes..to say the least.

On a brighter note, if I allow myself to brag for a moment about school, I’d mention that I managed to have perfect attendance for an entire year and a half, was on the President’s List each and every quarter, was Student of the Quarter, & made so many memorable connections with such great people! I also took and passed my MBLEx before leaving to Maine for my incredible New Year’s trip!

There were more crafts!! M and I decorated a Christmas tree..of sorts. Thank you, Target!! We also got window decals – a train set for M, and penguins for me! I’m such a kid!

Which worked well for me once more when I babysat J & R for a couple days! We made faces out of these mask kits they had. I made a silly elf face!

Gifts were exchanged, platelets were donated, more memories were made, and so were cookies!! Christmas came and went. This year was harder than any other Christmas. I spent it apart from my boyfriend and everyone everywhere seemed to be a bit sad.

Not to worry! New Year’s was just around the corner to save the day! And so was an airplane to take me back to Maine! My first day there, I was introduced to Lenny, a 1700lb chocolate moose!! More places to be mentioned in January. I’ll leave you with these ramblings for now.

I am thankful for: giving, Christmas trees, achieving goals, Target, New Year’s, Maine.




Purple Splendor






Xmas Tree


Frosty Says Hi


2 of a kind


Making Faces




Cookie Time


Platelets in December