Dog + iPod + Headphones + Camera

Happy Good Friday All!

I was able to take a little time to go for a run a couple days ago. This run unintentionally turned into a leisurely walk my dog, phone, iPod, headphones, and – oh yeah – my camera! It had been a few months since I’d even picked up my camera, so most of the shots weren’t so great, and there is nothing particularly special about most of them, but I did manage to snag a few good ones. And more importantly, I was able to spend some quality time with my little man!

This adorable bundle of joy was the cause for most of the pictures being blurry, but I still love him!

Jac - The adorable culprit

As you’ll find out, I love to gather inspiration from any and all other artistic outlets – be it music, books, movies, you name it! On this particular day, I was listening to one of my latest finds – Florence + The Machine. I was also wrapping up my most recent read – Water for Elephants (side note – I’m so SO excited to see the movie, and would ABSOLUTELY recommend the book!). The two influences lead me to want to capture some outdoor images.

 This first photo op was actually discovered by The Cute One. This log was simply sitting all alone in a vast expanse of grass.

One of the functions I want to improve on is aperture. I’ve dabbled with it a little, and I love what the images turn out to be! This image presented itself in such a passive fashion – the branch smacked my face as I walked past. I took the higher road, took about 3 steps back, and snapped this photo. Ha! Take that Mr. Branch.

I LOVE pretty much everything about water – especially photos with bodies of water. I was able to take this picture along my way.

This next photo was taken meerly because I loved the way the trees were positioned.

The final photo actually relates to an article I read yesterday about a topic more commonly known as Hip Shooting. It’s basically taking pictures without the use of the viewfinder, from your hip level. I wasn’t actually aware of what I was doing. I just thought it would be interesting to see what a picture would turn out like if I were to shoot without using the viewfinder. And tadaa.. 

And that wraps up the shoot for that day! Thanks for reading! Any and all thoughts are welcome!


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