Remembering What Has Been

Happy Easter!!

Between seeing new friends and old, celebrating my birthday early, and simply thinking about what this holiday truly stands for I’ve been thinking quite a bit about where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and who I’ve met. It’s always been fascinating to me to think about how a person can change in only a year.

In the spirit of remembering and reflecting, I’ve gathered a few photos that I’ve taken in the past (no specific timeline). I can, however, assure you that these were not taken on my Canon EOS T2i. I think they are primarily camera phone pictures. And hopefully the alignment will work for the comment/picture placement – fingers crossed!

First off, ladies & gents.. a picture I took while sitting in the car outside my mother’s doctor’s office. Yes, I know – way more detail than necessary. 🙂 Note to self: You’re creativity thrives in moments of boredom.

Next is actually a painting I did in the 7th grade with my favorite phrase cut up, laying on top. Nothing like mixed media!! 

This picture is of my most-prized piece of what I’ve deemed “Sharpie Art.” I was a band geek for 3 years and music has always meant a lot to me. This is the best way I’ve found to express that. 🙂

 I visited the greatest family ever (that I used to babysit for) last summer. We took a number of little trips while I was there. One trip was to a little island called Boy Scout Island. The boys ventured off into the “crazy jungle” and the girls hung out in the boat. I took pictures!

 This was a picture I took on my way to visit the aforementioned family. I traveled by train, – Angels & Airwaves keeping me company on my iPod, while reading Eat, Pray, Love. Oh the details.. I’m a self-professed elephant – I’ll remember details until I leave this earth.

I was the proud director and subject of this photo shoot – graduation pictures! My daddy was the photographer. He did a lovely job with this picture, if I do say so myself. 🙂

I have a fascination with taking pictures while in my car. This particular picture has always been a favorite of mine! Powerlines and all. 🙂

My best friend and I were cruising the streets of a nearby neighborhood and stopped to take a picture of what is going to be his future way, way off in the future.

Love the  beach! And especially the sea shells!! Not to mention B&W photos! That is all. 🙂

And to close out this look at past photos, a picture of where I’m headed – Sleepy time! I have an odd habit of taking pictures of pillows. This happens to be one of those pictures.

I’ll hang on to these photos for as long as possible. I love looking at documentation of where I’ve been and thinking of how far I’ve come. One of the many reasons I love photography!



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