Dreams are a Wish..

I have been wanting to write a post to acknowledge the influences that I’ve run across in my Googling recently.. and since I didn’t feel well enough (yes, we can chalk that up to an excuse) to get up from my comfy napping spot to take any photos today, this seems to be a fitting occasion. So, here we go..

Jasmine Star has been a resounding voice in my head. She is who I seem to think I am, or one day could be. Living her dream, keeping a positive attitude, living through difficulties with the utmost grace, in love.. the list goes on. I don’t know her entire story, but from what I’ve read about her (in her own words posted here on her blog),  she’s turned her life around by merely following her passion, and not taking any crap on her way. Kudos to you, J*!! I look forward to your future posts, and catching up with those you’ve already written! (Not to mention making up a dictionary for the new language I’ll have learned.)

Blest Photography has been another influential blog I’ve been keeping up with. I’ve even been able to find new artists to listen to, thanks to the author! The best thing about the blog is that the author is willing to help and give advice. Can’t get much better than that when you’re first starting out!

I must also thank all the people I’ve encountered in my life (I get sentimental around my birthday and New Year’s..please pardon this girly portion of my entry). Without the experiences, lessons, and people I’ve been fortunate enough to have, I wouldn’t be This girl. I wouldn’t be here, in the physical, emotional, and mental sense.

The photos, stories, and experiences of these two photographers are relatable – giving me the hope I need to feel that my dream of becoming a photographer will come true one day! A friend once told me that when one is starting out in photography, the process usually involves a lot of mimicking the work of others – taking their ideas, their creations and reenacting them (so to speak) in order to gain experience and knowledge of the skill.

And it has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Here’s to making changes, becoming educated, practicing, and those willing to help with all three goals!


(PS: Special note to Gene from my Starbucks who will shortly be giving me the opportunity to learn from a true pro! As well as to my best friend, Jared, who coached me in my very first photo shoot a couple months ago!..pictures will be posted soon.)

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