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Photographs & Memories

Today’s photos are a result of me having free time, needing to stay home, and wanting to take pictures of anything. The theme for today: objects that have significant meaning to me. Inspiration for the title of today’s post: the song entitled “Photographs & Memories” by Jason Reeves. I’d also like to make special mention of a website that I’ve found helpful – Picture Correct. The site posts helpful tips and advice from all sorts of photographers.

Now, for what you all clicked for! The pictures (and stories, because we all know I write. A lot.)!


My parents have a variety of statues of animals. This one I remember particularly well. My mom, brother, and I went to a wildlife store and purchased this fish after much debate about which fish my dad would probably like the most. Spikey here – better known as a Butterfly Fin Lionfish – was the winner.


This pair of Geta (Japanese footwear) was given to my parents by the Japanese exchange student they had stay with them in California. Having traveled over and lived in a good portion of the US, my parents have met many interesting people, and even managed to keep in touch with most of them. Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.


I don’t have a clue when, where, or why this couple came to live in our TV unit, but I can’t seem to remember a time when they weren’t there.


These roses mean quite a lot to me. They were one of the arrangements present at my grandfather’s funeral. Each of his kids was given a bouquet to take home. My mom and I wanted to keep this set intact, and we have managed to do so thus far. Seeing them always takes me back – reminding me of the happy times we spent together & remembering not to take a moment for granted.


I spent nearly every day over the course of 6 months with one of my best friends before he moved. One of the last get togethers we had was at dinner at my house. I saved the cork from the wine bottle. Here it is!


What did I do when my parents were out for a day?! Give the bathroom a makeover? Why, yes – yes, I did. The light fixtures are one of the things I’m most proud of in the room, so of course I had to get a close up of them.


I love love love the letter and word accents that have become popular in home décor. The seashells pictured along with the “B” I’ve collected over the course of my beach visits. Two of my favorite things in one picture!


Four rings for four different occasions. The diamond chip ring was to commemorate my high school graduation. The diamond moon and ruby star – for Christmas one year. The aquamarine and diamond ring was for my 8th grade graduation. And the blue enamel piece was what I purchased for myself when I was approved for my first credit card (quite the feat these days). All were from Jared’s – love that place!


The bracelet was given to me by another one of my best friends for Christmas last year (she got herself an identical one). The elephant pendent was a recent purchase (I got her a matching one). We are just too cute!

I’m very thankful for everyone I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, & everything and every opportunity I’ve been given (even the down time I had today to mosey around in my home and find these objects). This has been my PSA alerting everyone to the importance of taking a moment to think about where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and those you care about.

Write again soon!



Buildings, Birds, & Branches

Ok guys.. this final post of Atlanta pictures is somewhat of a self-made “Random” drawer.

The majority of the pictures were taken in the center of the park. There was a huge open field we walked through to get to the perfect spot with views of the city, nature, and little scenes my friends and I created. The rest are from various parts of our self-guided tour of the city – a few restaurants and some from just outside the park.

This picture I actually toyed around with on Photoshop. I have no clue what I did, but I like the way it turned out!

I cannot take credit for this one – my friend was bored when we were waiting for MARTA.

(Shake it like a salt shaker!)

My chair on the patio of the restaurant we went to. Once again, my love of blending man-made with natural elements (combined with boredom).

Where’s the pretty birdy?

And finally, my favorite picture – probably from my entire trip.

Be back soon!


Light of My Lantern

To start this post off, I want to direct your attention to the artist whose lyrics are the title for the post – Josh Ritter (album: So Runs the World Away). This gentleman is absolutely one of my favorite artists! He’s got a very folky sound, but his lyrics and music are so emotionally driven that it’s hard to not get attached to the characters of the ballads. My favorite songs from the album are The Curse, Rattling Locks, and Change of Time. Check him out!

Onto the pictures!

This set of photos focused on all of the, well, lanterns and lamp posts we passed throughout our little trek around the city. It was about noon when we first started walking around. For some reason, some of the lights were on, and others were not. One thing I love to do, and not only just in the realm of photography, is to compare objects that are complete (or almost complete) opposites. With these pictures, you’ll see a lot of Natural Light vs Man-made Light.

The first picture is a fabulous transition from my last post to this one. It still involves the pathways, while this time including the lamp posts. (Not that I thought through the blog post topics while I was walking around snapping photos or anything..)

Hope you enjoy!


We’ll Walk This Road Together


I’m back from a very eventful/restful/much needed birthday weekend vacation. And I took pictures! I took quite a few, so I’m going to have to span them over a few posts.

To preface the pictures.. I spent said weekend with my best friends in Atlanta. We toured a place called Perimeter Park. I snapped shots from pretty much the moment we left the MARTA station. This first set of pictures focuses on pathways – sidewalks, to be more specific. With it being my birthday weekend, I was feeling a tad sentimental and reflective. Those emotions ended up manifesting themselves in these photos.

Stay Tuned!