Light of My Lantern

To start this post off, I want to direct your attention to the artist whose lyrics are the title for the post – Josh Ritter (album: So Runs the World Away). This gentleman is absolutely one of my favorite artists! He’s got a very folky sound, but his lyrics and music are so emotionally driven that it’s hard to not get attached to the characters of the ballads. My favorite songs from the album are The Curse, Rattling Locks, and Change of Time. Check him out!

Onto the pictures!

This set of photos focused on all of the, well, lanterns and lamp posts we passed throughout our little trek around the city. It was about noon when we first started walking around. For some reason, some of the lights were on, and others were not. One thing I love to do, and not only just in the realm of photography, is to compare objects that are complete (or almost complete) opposites. With these pictures, you’ll see a lot of Natural Light vs Man-made Light.

The first picture is a fabulous transition from my last post to this one. It still involves the pathways, while this time including the lamp posts. (Not that I thought through the blog post topics while I was walking around snapping photos or anything..)

Hope you enjoy!


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