..10 Years Later







10 years ago..

I was in Mrs. Valentine’s 5th grade language arts class. Mrs. Valentine had stepped out of the room for a moment to get supplies for that day’s lesson. When she came back, she walked straight to her desk, turned on the radio, and informed the class that the World Trade Center had been hit. I, before September 11, 2001, had no idea where or what the WTC was. I quickly found out.

The rest of that day, as well as many months that followed, were spent in front of the TV. A nation was waiting, hoping to hear any bit of good news. I still remember being simultaneously shocked and elated to hear all the stories of survivors.

The most important thing I believe I came away with that day was the realization that within each of us lies the possibility of both good and evil. While evil set the following events in motion, good prevailed. The sense of community and love within the nation was especially intense in the months following the attacks.

I do not recall whether it was later that school year, or the following one when I was given a blank sheet of paper and asked to draw whatever I’d like to. With the tragedy still on my mind, I decided to draw The Towers. At this point, I had a very vague idea of what the WTC looked like before the area became Ground Zero.

Be sure to tell others how you feel. Be honest. Be kind. Remember that your words and actions have lasting effects on others. And take a minute to remember those who were lost and those who have sacrificed and their friends and families.
























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