Turq the Owl

Ok, so I’m stoked to announce that I now have an owl pendant!! (I’m sure this page is currently faced with many blank stares. And I understand; however, this means I took pictures!) And, as we all know, I like to write about things I’m interested in, so the pictures are accompanied by a few reasons why I love owls..mostly about how I relate to them. : )

And so we begin..

Owls are solitary & nocturnal. (I can’t relate at all…)

They recycle! Owls don’t create their own nests; rather, they find abandoned nests or seek a covered shelter.

Their hunting strategy is heavily based on stealth & surprise. (I just like to be stealthy and surprise people..not necessarily at the same time.)

Owls have superior & unique audio and visual senses.

And finally, they’re preeetty!

I’ve always been fascinated with owls (elephants as well, but we’ll leave that to a later post!). I associate the creatures with wisdom & (in a sense) superiority. In any case, below you shall find what YOU stopped by for – the photos! Meet Turq, the owl. : )

Be well & stop again soon!


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