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I’d Rather Waltz Than Just Walk Through the Forrest..

We’ve reached the final installment of photos from last week’s visit to Straw Valley Cafe! This post will include the groups “Wood Grain” & “Plant Life” (once again, very creative titling going on here!). It’s full of life, love, & the pursuit of happi- ..wait a minute.. : )

The “Wood Grain” set was inspired by the use of this material throughout the cafe property. The loft (found in the actual cafe area), decks, railings, pergola, stage, future wine bar, and many of the surfaces throughout the former house feature a variety of wood textures. Not to mention the countless trees & other natural elements found on the property.

“Plant Life” is a group composed of the, well, plant life showcased in the courtyard. Keep in mind, the temperature has dropped just, ya know, like a tad or so recently. So not all of the plants are doing so hot, but they still deserve to be noticed!

Alrighty, only one more thing for me to babble about before I send you on your merry way to check out the last of the photos! The title of the post is a line from the Owl City song entitled “Plant Life”. (Betcha can’t figure out why I picked it!) This is from Adam Young’s (the musical group in its entirety) most recent album, which I love (Plant Life, Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust, Galaxies, The Yacht Club, Alligator Sky are probably my favorites). Then again, I love pretty much anything Owl City creates. My most recent obsession has been the song by He Is We (ft. Owl City) All About Us. Check it out!! After you check out the pictures, of course.

And. Here. We. Go!



























































































































Be Seated Where The Kicks Lead You

**Warning: What you are about to read has been written by a young adult female who has been awake for approximately 40 hours..Proceed with caution (or a glass of your favorite beverage, whichever gives you the warm-and-fuzzies).

Guess who’s back (back, back; back again, ‘gain, ‘gain)? Yep, yep, yep! Tonight, I’m breaking out the sets of photos I’ve entitled “Seating” & “Shoes” respectively. Yes, I was quite the creative one with the names of these additional organizational folders. : )

The “Seating” category is something that is a bit of a priority for any type of business which wishes to build its foundation on the customers & the customer experience. I enjoy finding and exploiting groupings and themes that I stumble upon when I’m out and about with Baby. The seating happened to be one such grouping that caught my eye on this visit to the cafe.

Oh my goodness! I’m obsessed ..totally, completely, absolutely enthralled with the picture that I’m going to end this post with. It’s a shot of my shoes! I love the lighting; my shoes; the combination; the leaf that is so anxiously caught between the two. It’s just lovely! The second set of photos is nothing but shots of my shoes. I was playing with different angles, lighting/shadow sources, backgrounds, etc. It was different and fun, and I apparently love it so much, I’m sure I’ll do it again!

Now presenting.. the second installment of the second shoot at the unbelievably amazing Straw Valley Cafe!

Thanks for stopping by the blog! (Now visit the cafe heaven already!)


Baby Visits Straw Valley Cafe

Alrighty, for those of you who follow my blog regularly, you are aware of my recent dilemma – naming my lovely Canon EOS Rebel T2i. As of this past Sunday, she has a name. Ladies & gents, allow me to now proudly present, Baby!

Ok, ok..I know you’re all dying to know how she was named (and I don’t really blame you!). Here’s the story.. I went to Straw Valley Cafe over the weekend (actually a couple times, but this story is referencing my Sunday visit) with a friend of mine, L. She is an intern with Big Star Studios, a photography team based in Mebane, NC. We’ve been talking about getting together for months to go photograph around some place local. We finally did! When L saw my camera, her response was that my camera was a baby (<sound familiar : ) ) compared to hers. And thus, I named my camera “Baby”.

I took more photos on this day than I think I ever have, which is surprising considering the fact that I spent something like 2 hours on a photo shoot with one of my best friends. In any case, I have narrowed the 210 pictures down and due to my hyperactive organizational gene (mom, I blame you) have broken the ones I like into a few groups. I’m going to post the “Photographers” & “Red” groups tonight.

First up, the “Photographers” group. You guessed it..these pictures are some that I captured of L and myself. I think I have a bit of an obsession now with pictures of reflections in windows.. : )

The second group I’m calling “Red” simply because that is the common factor in all the photos. L was pretty stoked about the red chairs, and after a few shots, I was too!

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. : ) If you are local (Durham, NC) and have some time to spare this Saturday, October 29, the cafe will be hosting a Halloween Party from 7-11pm. It is definitely worth checking out!


Straw Valley Cafe

Attention Everyone!

I have found my physical happy place! It’s a little spot by the name of Straw Valley Cafe. (I apologize to those of you who are reading this who have heard me talk about this place non-stop for the past few weeks. Yes, it is just that¬†amazing!) The grounds go on forever! There is a bamboo garden, stage, wine bar, cafe, two water features, building with a lounge and two conference rooms, tons of outside seating, etc. I sat my things down at a table & began shooting in the courtyard area. I worked my way to the bamboo garden, then in the building, out to the water feature, and back to the courtyard & stage area.

My main purpose for bringing my camera along with me (which I still must name..) was to grab a few photographs for a band I’d love to see play here ..The Local Traumatic. They are a Charlotte-based band, which I had the awesome opportunity to see perform in May of this year.

But I digress.. Ladies & gents, allow me to present my first installment of photos from Straw Valley Cafe! Definitely check it out if you’re in the area! This place will relax you, inspire you, and give you an overall warm, fuzzy feeling (guarantee it!).






































































B&B Get Coffee ..& Take Pictures & Bake Cupcakes

Today, my best friend and I went to the cafe that I’m now completely in love & obsessed with – Straw Valley Cafe. I brought my camera with me! (Sidenote: I really should name my poor camera..I name everything else! Suggestions will be reviewed with love.) I played Tour Guide of the grounds..I’ve been here once before & it was B’s first visit. I spent a good chunk of time snapping shots to share with a band I’d love to see play at the cafe (separate post) before I called for a random photo shoot. : ) And thus begins the story that lead to these bad boys..Enjoy! (And visit the cafe if you’re in the area – Seriously!)

**I must also add a special thanks to my awesome 2nd shooter & best homeslice there is – B! You’re the bestest!


Almost forgot to add the recipe for the cupcakes we baked! (I didn’t take any pictures of apologies!)

Blue Moon Cupcakes

Once again..found this recipe on Pinterest. The icing was a bust (whatever you do..never whip egg whites twice..bad idea..the fluffiness dies during round 2), but the cupcakes are amazing!


The Bro & The Dog

A short, sweet post!

My brother and I were hanging out at the house earlier this week. We had some time to just chill & chat (haha) before we needed to head off in our respective directions. I already had my camera sitting out on the counter (I made dinner that night) so I started taking pictures of the puppy (who actually happens to be 4 years old, but is tiny and rambunctious enough for me to get away with still calling him this). The pictures didn’t turn out so well..Jac thought the camera was his new play thing & wanted to keep sniffing it. (Note to self: the cat is Much easier and Much more willing to be photographed.)
What you are about to view is the group of photos that turned out pretty well (code for “minimal blurrage”). Any tips for pet photography? Enjoy!













Saturday + Me + Kitchen

Today I decided to tackle more recipes I found on Pinterest! This desire was given rise mostly because of a rumbling tummy.. so they were quite random.

Lemon Garlic Spaghetti

To this recipe, I added:

Cauliflower, Sunflower Seeds, a little Ponzu sauce

My family added chicken to it also.

General consensus: Yum!

Chunky Chocolate Cheerios

I cannot tell you how very extremely excited I have been to try this recipe since I found it! (Perhaps my poor grammar skills in that sentence were able to convey it a bit.) And..check this out..I didn’t alter this recipe at all!

The feedback I’ve heard so far: Awesome!

I think the pumpkin smoothie recipe I found today may just be on the menu for tomorrow…

Have a good night!! I’m off to enjoy another Disney movie (& then sleep)!


(Here’s just one more look at these yummy little dudes..)