Dinna is Served..

Ok guys.. check out this meal I spent all day slaving over! That’s a lie.. I took my sweet time, which is why it took nearly all day. Anywho, look – it’s preeetty!








In case you’d like to try this yourself.. I’m including the recipes. I’ve been collecting a TON of ideas from Pinterest, which is addictive as I’ll get out, but amazing just the same! (Last night, during my midnight browsing sesh, I found a recipe for..wait for it..Blue Moon cupcakes! Note to self: make these ASAP.)

First up.. Roasted Veggies

The recipe doesn’t have a link, so I copied and pasted the recipe (this is courtesy of Kristy Ahlstrom Knowlton).

red potatoes, russet potatoes, zucchini, red bell pepper, baby carrots, sweet potatoes, and whole garlic cloves dusted with parmesan for the last 10 minutes in the oven. 350 for about 45 min

I also added mushrooms, black olives, and green pepper.

Result: amazingness!!


Next up.. Sweet Potato Fries

This recipe I made on my own after browsing through a few others.

2 large sweet potatoes cut as desired, 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, ground cinnamon (sprinkled liberally). 425 for apx 20 min. Flip once. (<<I forgot this last step, and I don’t recommend you follow in my footsteps. They were still good, just a bit mushy.)

Result: lesson learned – bake at the  correct temp. and remember to flip! Still yummy!


And finally.. Nutella cookies

(Yes, it IS true! And I must thank my homeslice, Biny, for pointing me in the direction of this recipe!) Here is the link! The recipe is super simple and calls for only 4 ingredients.


Result: yummy! (I should have stuck to the 8 minute cook time though..I went a wee bit over, so they were a tad well done.)


All in all, a success if I do say so myself! (My daddy said so too!..no one else has had dinner yet.) That’s all for tonight. Well, there is One more picture of it : )




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