B&B Get Coffee ..& Take Pictures & Bake Cupcakes

Today, my best friend and I went to the cafe that I’m now completely in love & obsessed with – Straw Valley Cafe. I brought my camera with me! (Sidenote: I really should name my poor camera..I name everything else! Suggestions will be reviewed with love.) I played Tour Guide of the grounds..I’ve been here once before & it was B’s first visit. I spent a good chunk of time snapping shots to share with a band I’d love to see play at the cafe (separate post) before I called for a random photo shoot. : ) And thus begins the story that lead to these bad boys..Enjoy! (And visit the cafe if you’re in the area – Seriously!)

**I must also add a special thanks to my awesome 2nd shooter & best homeslice there is – B! You’re the bestest!


Almost forgot to add the recipe for the cupcakes we baked! (I didn’t take any pictures of them..my apologies!)

Blue Moon Cupcakes

Once again..found this recipe on Pinterest. The icing was a bust (whatever you do..never whip egg whites twice..bad idea..the fluffiness dies during round 2), but the cupcakes are amazing!


    • binal
    • October 16th, 2011

    omg!! totally love this! youre very welcome for my assistance in taking the pictures! andddddddddd thank you for taking me to such an awesome place..definitely another one of our favorite spots! 🙂

  1. I had Sooooooo much fun! I’m so glad we were finally able to go!

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