I’d Rather Waltz Than Just Walk Through the Forrest..

We’ve reached the final installment of photos from last week’s visit to Straw Valley Cafe! This post will include the groups “Wood Grain” & “Plant Life” (once again, very creative titling going on here!). It’s full of life, love, & the pursuit of happi- ..wait a minute.. : )

The “Wood Grain” set was inspired by the use of this material throughout the cafe property. The loft (found in the actual cafe area), decks, railings, pergola, stage, future wine bar, and many of the surfaces throughout the former house feature a variety of wood textures. Not to mention the countless trees & other natural elements found on the property.

“Plant Life” is a group composed of the, well, plant life showcased in the courtyard. Keep in mind, the temperature has dropped just, ya know, like a tad or so recently. So not all of the plants are doing so hot, but they still deserve to be noticed!

Alrighty, only one more thing for me to babble about before I send you on your merry way to check out the last of the photos! The title of the post is a line from the Owl City song entitled “Plant Life”. (Betcha can’t figure out why I picked it!) This is from Adam Young’s (the musical group in its entirety) most recent album, which I love (Plant Life, Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust, Galaxies, The Yacht Club, Alligator Sky are probably my favorites). Then again, I love pretty much anything Owl City creates. My most recent obsession has been the song by He Is We (ft. Owl City) All About Us. Check it out!! After you check out the pictures, of course.

And. Here. We. Go!


























































































































  1. I seriously want to go here!!!!!!!! Thanksgiving break I will be there! haha. Love your pictures of the Cafe and surroundings 🙂

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