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Most Recent Pages I’ve Turned..

I’ve most absolutely been make-me-go-crazy obsessed with The Hunger Games Trilogy. I finished the 821 pages in under a week, I believe. (If you haven’t read them, stop reading this post now & go find a copy to begin reading. No, seriously..STOP!) I cannot even begin to adequately describe how amazing the trilogy is. (And don’t even get me started on the trailer for the movie, which comes out in March 2012. I was initially unhappy with the casting, but they’re growing on me..) It was extremely relatable (for me at least), encompassed characteristics of a variety of genres, and was generally awesome. There are some books that just hit you the right way, ya know? I read the books on my iPad, so I was unable to take a picture of them because otherwise, we all know I would have! Here’s one of my favorite quotes though : )

“They’ll either want to kill you, kiss you, or be you.” Mockingjay

Today I was lucky enough to have a commercial break of a social life! I met up with Mer & she bestowed upon me a set of 3 books I get to borrow! (Really people does NOT take much to make me happy!) She put a little pink bow around the set, so of course I broke out Baby before relinquishing Sarah’s Key for my reading pleasure. I’ve included 2 shots! (Not much, but it’s something!)

Enjoy! I hope you all have a safe, happy, & relaxing Thanksgiving!!