To Frit, Or Not To Frit..

The tale of a fused glass class. Oh yeah ..expanding my creative horizons!

A few months ago I bought vouchers on Living Social for a fused glass class, courtesy of Christal Cerrone. Long story short, I ended up taking the class today with a friend, M. We had a great time! We met a few of the regulars and learned quite a few things: the word for the crushed glass bits that look like bits of sand is “frit” and it is SO cool to make & use; psycho eyes on penguins look awesome; don’t overuse the dichroic glass!

There were different sizes and shapes to choose from – M & I chose these 4 little glass dishes. We were given 4 squares of clear glass and were then shown the different sizes, types, and colors of glass we were allowed to incorporate in our designs. It was actually a bit more daunting than I thought it would be, but once I started collecting pieces of glass, I came up with some pretty color combos. M approached the task differently and decided to design the pieces with the interests of their eventual recipients in mind (and they turned out so well!). M suggested taking before and after pictures. So…below are the before pictures! (We’ll go back at some point this weekend to pick up the finished products!)

SN: The pictures aren’t the best ..I was too busy being a social butterfly & laughing at everything (shocking – I know!).

Stay tuned for the after pics!

































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