These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things..

Christmas.. (usually) my most favorite time of year ..doesn’t quite have the same feeling this year, and I’m not sure why. However, I’m dedicating this post to some of my favorite things of the season in the hopes of spreading some holiday happiness (& perhaps getting myself in the holiday spirit)!

We only have a few holiday traditions around our house, but they’re pretty awesome. For example, it has been my job since I was about 8 years old to make the wise men travel from some point of the entertainment center to the nativity scene. (Told you they were awesome!) My Dutch neighbor found out about this the other day and has apparently been laughing about it hysterically ever since. : )

Another thing we always do as a family is watch White Christmas & Christmas Vacation. Two of my favorite movies!! Mom & I actually rein acted the highlights of Christmas Vacation last week. Priceless! (If you haven’t seen these movies..I may have to rethink our friendship. Kidding..kind of.) A Charlie Brown Christmas, Elf, and The Polar Express are also among the holiday favs.

For the past 2 years, my family has visited Florida during the week of Christmas. We spend our time at Universal Studios, Disney World, and visiting a family I babysat for for 2 years – they are basically extended family. : ) I’m really going to miss the trip this year! We’re having a staycation instead! (I’m dreaming of a white Christmas..)

The tradition of opening ONE present on Christmas Eve was a bigger deal when we were younger, but boy was it THE thing we looked forward to. I remember Brad and I taking stock of what presents we had. What they sounded like. How big the boxes were. Oh yeah baby – we had that 1st present picked out way in advance!

Tanglewood Light Festival is something else we used to enjoy yearly! We haven’t been since we moved away from Winston-Salem, but I think we may visit this year! (Can we say photo-op?!) We’d pile in the van – popcorn, blankets, friends, and Christmas music in tow – and make our way through the maze of lighted bliss. Ahh..the memories!

Something I’d very much like to make an annual tradition, is seeing the Trans Siberian Orchestra live in concert. I went with a friend and my brother last year, and it was amazing!! Here’s one of my favorites! 

I’m normally that person who has presents planned by early October, purchased & wrapped in early November, and under the tree immediately after it has been decorated. Not so much this year; but this year the tree went up the week after Thanksgiving! A Herzberg family record!

Despite not having any gifts wrapped and under the tree (let alone purchased yet :/ ) I do have a theme planned. I decided I want all the presents I give to be linked to a charity. I have so far found the following options (but will definitely take suggestions!):

*Cookies For Kids’ Cancer ..A non-profit, large-scale bake sale type of organization. When you purchase cookies (by the dozen) the money actually goes toward “changing the facts of pediatric cancer for the better.” You can host bake sales, donate money directly to the organization, even host golf tournaments or car washes.

*TOMS ..a for-profit organization benefiting children in need of shoes in developing countries. For every pair of shoes you purchase, Blake Mycoskie will give a pair to a child in need. AND now TOMS has eyewear! (I just discovered that you can host a Style Your Sole party where guests can design their own pair of TOMS! Now the creative wheels are turning and I’m hoping to put a party together for some time in 2012!)

*Krochet Kids a non-profit organization with the slogan of “Buy a Hat. Change a Life.” The organization provides employment for those in Northern Uganda. Each crocheted piece is unique, with the creator’s name on the tag attached to the piece!

*This Shirt Helps an organization that raises “funding and awareness of worthy causes.” Once you place your order, you can choose from the categories (planet, animals, people, disaster relief) which you’d like your purchase to benefit.

This year is also the first year Baby (my camera) has been around, so I wanted to get a few shots of the season. Below are some of these pictures (with a few older pictures thrown in).

I wish all of you a very happy & stress-free holiday season, whatever your style may be!



The Travelling Wise Men


New Stocking Hangers!

"Presents aren't everything. I'm going to need a lot of cookies, too."

Mommy - ready for Dad's company Christmas party

Our 2011 Christmas Card Photo

From our 2009 FL visit with the extended family2010 FL trip - with the girls


My first pair of TOMS!



    • Geno
    • December 20th, 2011

    Wow, love this post. And Tanglewood? Love it! I used to live in W-S too; didn’t know that about you. And “it just doesn’t feel the same this year”–been having that conversation round town too. What is it? The weather? The stars? The voices in my head? What? Whatever it is, hope everything lightens up for you and keep on posting. Don’t always comment but I love reading em.

    • Aww! Thanks, Gene! I can’t believe you never visited Tanglewood! It’s definitely worth the trek! I’ve heard many people saying they feel the same way this season. I don’t know what’s to blame haha! I’m having a great year; just lacking in the holiday-ness department (I just made that up). I’m glad to know you tune in!

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