Branch By Branch..

For the past few years, my family’s Christmas tree has been decorated with blue & silver ornaments (for the most part) with a few random & sentimental ornaments placed throughout. While the tree was still shining brightly, I decided to photograph a few.

First up, a series of glass ornaments filled with white beads. Probably my favorite ornaments because they are so unique & beautiful.

Then there are the blue & silver ornaments that have been decorated by hand with shimmery snowflakes. Simply gorgeous.

There are also snowflakes made of jewel-like craft pieces. So pretty!

The last group of ornaments are beaded stars. My second favorites!

Among the unique ornaments is the glass sphere packed with sand, sun, & memories from our Orlando trip last year. Mom & I found it in the hotel gift shop : )

We also brought home a glass heart made by a glassblower we were fortunate enough to see in action in Universal Studios.

Last, but never least in my mind, is a Christmas tree made of white sea shells. A family I babysat for for about 2 years (now living in FL) gave us the ornament as a Christmas present. I’ll cherish it forever!

Well folks, that concludes the writing portion for this entry : ) Now for the pictures! I wish you all a very happy Christmas Eve [tomorrow]. I plan on visiting the mall with mom & people-watching. Happy times!!



















































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