I Found A Lightning Bolt!


I woke up unsure of what I was going to photograph today. It’s funny..since beginning this project, I think about my schedule the night before and try to plan what I might be able to photograph. I’m hoping that one of my take-aways from this experience will be to learn to let go (a bit better). : )

As per usual, several shots presented themselves throughout my afternoon. I filled out & sent off my voter registration application. (Yay, me!) I also finished one of my friend’s belated Christmas presents. I now have photos of that present & one other..I have to wait to post the photos because both friends follow the blog (and I am NOT one to ruin a surprise!) : ) Lastly, I took Baby with me on the last walk I took Jac (our puppy) on. Turns out, the light pole in our backyard has markings on it. I found a lightning bolt!!

I am thankful for: random markings.























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