Just Chippy..


I was in a very crafty mood today, so when I discovered a link on pinterest.com for a picture made of paint chips I knew I was in for a trip to the craft store! All this little project called for were: paint chips (lots! I felt like I was stealing..), a picture frame, double sided tape, and vinyl letters. I have only just begun to permanently place the chips, so I should have a finished product sometime this weekend! I still have to pick a phrase to write with the vinyl letters. Here’s what the 4 sections of my “rough draft” looked like.. (please take note of the awesome color names and adorable little animals that somehow found their way onto the picture : ) )

I am thankful for: hardware stores that let you take as many paint chips as you’d like (for no charge)! Thanks True Value at Woodcroft!


Top left section

Top right section

Bottom right section

Bottom left section

  1. January 8th, 2012

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