Cupcakes, Movies, & Reads..


My cupcake day date finally took place!! It’s only been in the works for like months, so I was pretty happy when I woke up and it was today : ) I met up with S & her mom and we embarked on the half hour (ish) journey to Brier Creek for Gigi’s Cupcakes. Dude. The drive was worth it.
The remaining pictures are from my latest babysitting adventures with M. I hadn’t seen her since before Christmas, so she was showing me some of the things Santa brought her, along with the light “saver” thrown in. The dollhouse is one of her favorites, so she wanted to take a few rounds of pictures of it. (Her thoughts on the rather large quantity of pictures she took.. “I don’t know why I take so many!” followed by “Oh wow! They’re blurry!”) Also, it just so happens that her mom started reading the same book I’m 150+ pages away from finishing! Which was awesome because I left my book at home! (Thanks, N!) The best part of our hangout time though ..watching The Wizard of Oz!! And thus, I’ll leave you with this thought (followed by the photos : ) )..

I am thankful for: tiny humans that love watching classic movies. Amen.






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