Waiting Rooms & Buttons..


The first rainy day of 2012. : ) My morning was pretty mundane. I got coffee. I got gas. I got mommy safely to and from her doctor’s appointment. Whilst in the waiting room, however, I stumbled across quite the attention-grabbing flyer. It read: “No butts about it. Colonoscopy saves lives.” (I have honestly mentally wrestled with the grammatical correctness of said flyer All. Day. Long. But I digress.)  Mom & I then visited Starbucks, Jimmy John’s, and Chick-fil-A ..where my mom is a regular. Yes, my mother is a regular at Chick-fil-A. True story. We decided to render our errands complete & head home.

Hence forth it was craft time, baking adventures, with a hint of a movie moment & football watching thrown in. (That’s right..I’m blogging while watching ‘Bama v LSU. I deserve a special award, or sticker!) For the craft, I made a button bracelet. Materials: yarn (leather cord suggested, and I now know why), assorted buttons, & this tutorial I found on pinterest.com. The process was very simple & not that time consuming. Added bonus: the end result is adorbs!! The baking adventure involved making chocolate chip cookies with whole wheat flour for the first time. Result: awesomeness. And last, but not least, the movie moment was brought to us by: The Devil Wears Prada.

‘Twas a lovely rainy day. Thanks for reading through the narrative that was my day. : )

I am thankful for: medical professionals that care & show it. (Thanks Tonya!)


Happy kitty during naptime #432938









"No butts about it. Colonoscopy saves lives."




























  1. I saw your tweet about the poster and I cracked up laughing. Seriously, that’s hilarious they had that in the waiting room. And I love that you took a picture of it!!! 🙂
    Also, cute bracelet! I definitely want to try one. Guess I’ll need some leather cord though? :p

    • Haha – I waited until someone was coughing or speaking loudly on the phone because my camera makes a loud noise! It was funny.
      The yarn worked, but I think next time I’ll cut a bit more and perhaps use a needle. Leather cord is definitely on the shopping list though!

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