Namaste & Nails..

DAY 10

I had the house to myself for a little bit this afternoon ..yay! So I did yoga, discovered Zumba videos on YouTube, & hung artwork around the massage studio. A day I thought may be a bit stressful was actually very fun & I was quite the productive one!

So the yoga pictures.. I’ve been wanting to take pictures of my yoga mat for a while. Because it’s cool. The actual time I spent doing yoga was interesting – my dog, Jac, thought that the aforementioned mat of awesomeness signaled play time (AKA: let’s chase Brittany’s foot & jump up on her back). I think the push-the-dog-out-of-your-personal-space tactics I put to use made my workout that much more effective. Thanks, Jac!!

The remaining pictures are of the artwork I have displayed on the walls in my massage studio. I am pretty particular when it comes to designing a space (note to self: seek out an additional career path as an interior designer). It’s taken 4 years (WOW! I just did that calculation) for me to weed out pieces from my art collection and decide which pieces I’d like to display on the walls. True story. The largest piece is from my brother. It’s a green sepia toned photo of the Blue Ridge Mountains (I can’t recall the photographer’s name). I also secured my recent art project – “Just Breathe” using paint chips, my Sharpie art work from quite a few years ago – a heart made of a base & treble clef, & a poster I picked up some time ago of the Eiffel Tower.

I am thankful for: self expression.
































































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