DAY 11

Yet another rainy day in the Triangle, but no complaints here! The raindrops had my schedule memorized & didn’t interfere with the trip to Gymboree or errand running! Oooh! Awesome Gymboree moment..(I went with one of the girls I babysit) There was only one other child in class with us, a little boy, who carried around The Land Before Time DVD for the entire time! I took a picture of a run away bubble from Bubble Time. : ) After babysitting, I stopped by Kroger & ACMore. I picked up this chai tea mix my friend raved about last week (she wasn’t lying people!) and green pomegranate tea I’ve been eyeing for weeks (that was worth it too!). I also grabbed some leather cord, a tiny little owl bead, and textured paint for my cork board makeover.  And when I returned home, I ventured out to make coconut jasmine rice – pretty good! But the best part of my day was finding edamame I’d forgotten we had!!

This rainy day = one happy girl!

I am thankful for: bubbles! (The little ones kids running around chasing and popping, as well as my car, Bubbles!)


Gymboree Bubble





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