Memorable & Wise..

DAY 13

Meet Ellie! She’s the newest addition to my works of craft time. I bought a cork board yesterday with the intention of dressing it up somehow. I had all day to figure out what I wanted to paint. Did I want a saying? Would that be too complicated to paint on a cork board? Did I want to glue things and make a 3-D art piece that could still function as a reminder station? And I needed something that would work with the theme of the massage studio. After hours of deliberation – much of which was spent browsing where I was inevitably side-tracked – I found these adorable little elephants that were easy to replicate. Elephants are one of my favorite animals & are known for their wisdom, memory, & intelligence. My bfrand (our slang term for “best friend”) loves elephants as well! One of the reasons why I stay friends with her. : ) Her name was inspired by the movie Up. If you haven’t seen this movie, you HAVE too!

Enjoy the pictures of Ellie! See you all tomorrow!

I am thankful for: Fridays that are the 13th.




  1. Ah I love her! She is adorable!!! I could totally paint an elephant… thank you Pinterest and Brittany for some inspiration 🙂

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