Artwork & Animals..

DAY 15

This is going to be quite a random post, ladies & gents!

The first pictures are actually from yesterday. I visited Straw Valley Cafe with my mom & a neighbor. The pictures are of newly displayed artwork & were taken on my camera phone (sorry for the lack of clarity!).

Today was a pretty relaxed day ..I spent much of it at home, only venturing out for a quick errand running trip, & babysitting. The biggest thing that happened today was Jac’s (my dog) leash broke mid-walk. Three trips to Petco later, my mom has successfully replaced the leash! (Thanks, Mom!) In other less-fascinating news, a bird ate a spider nest that was apparently outside one of our windows (ew!) & 2 cute squirrels sat still for a photo op! (Whenever I see them, I mentally call them “skirrels.” My parents love to tell the story of how one of my cousins called them that, so it’s kind of stuck with me.) And lastly, I was introduced to M’s dentistry play-doh kit. It is awesome! You get to make teeth! I mean, could a craft get any better?!

I am thankful for: photos from Torch (the Blackberry) taking less time to upload than those from Baby (the Canon camera)




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