Angled Flight..

DAY 17

I successfully started & completed my special surprise gift for my mom today! After an amazing visit with my mom & another friend at Straw Valley Cafe, we came home & I was in hiding for a few hours (haha! No seriously..I was).

While in hiding mode, I discovered a new site – [more specifically, I came across the blog for 30 days of intent]. The purpose of the challenge is to get individuals to truly think about & get in tune with who they are & what they mean to themselves. While it is easy to joke about how odd that may sound, it’s quite true. So, for [at least] the next 30 days, I’ll not only have a line or two about what I’m thankful for – I’ll also have a line about what my intent for the day was (and perhaps, what I intend to do the next day ..I’m still working on the details).

I made somewhat of a mixed media piece today. I took a pre-cut & sanded piece of wood and glued it to a 5×5 canvas, along with a braided celtic heart knot (that I made all by myself ..with the help of YouTube). I took the liberty of hot gluing the hummingbird cut-out to the canvas last night. I didn’t really have a clue how I wanted to paint the piece. I decided to pick a base color & go from there. And a few hours later, the finished product was ready for its photo shoot with its co-star – a bow I made with spare ribbon pieces!!

On an unrelated note..I LOVE this song! And I’d like to update my music collection – any ideas? (I truly mean ANY ideas; I have an eclectic taste in music.)

Intent: Today I intended to be the best optimist I could be. Mission: accomplished.

I am thankful for: God’s work in my life.


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