Skeletons, & Color-Coding..

DAY 18

And the Winter Quarter of classes begin!! I cannot express just how excited I am to be back in school. On this quarter’s schedule: Spa Therapy, Massage Pathology, Kinesiology II, & Sports & Seated Massage. 4 classes. 2 teachers. Day 1: Successful! I even thought [for a brief moment] that Bob was going to be back in my life! Ok, backstory about Bob – in my Intro to Massage classroom there was a skeleton. His name was Bob. At least that is what the penciled in tattoo on his pelvis led us to believe. Oh, I miss that hilariously messed up skeleton. Our class was moved to a room with sinks. Bye bye, Bob.

I spent much of last night color-coding my planner, notebooks, pens & folders. : ) Yes, I’m that girl, & proud of it!

In other news, SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act) & PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act) were front & center today. Everywhere I clicked there were blacked out bars, literature on SOPA & PIPA, contact information for local politicians, & all types of status updates from unhappy citizens. From what I’ve gathered, the two acts would lead to restrictions & censorship of the Internet. The implications of the proposed acts didn’t really hit me until I clicked on & saw all the censored bars across the individual blog titles. It’s scary to think that one of the greatest tools created to-date could be so radically changed..

Intent: Today I intended to only think & share happy, positive, & uplifting thoughts. Mission: accomplished.

I am thankful for: the plethora of never-ending colors!






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