Play Go Hide Seek..

DAY 20

Funny story: So I visited the doctor I work with at Duke today. Well, there’s new construction since the last time I was there. I got about half way down the roped-in gravel pathway before I noticed that it was leading me to a place I totally didn’t need to be. So I, of course, had to turn around – risk people noticing me being slightly ditsy – backtrack my steps, & walk across the street to proceed down that sidewalk. Haha! Quite an interesting walk to work!

After my meeting, it was craft time! Today I accomplished step 1 of my newest artwork project. I bought a 4-pack of itty bitty canvases! (They’re seriously adorable.) I painted them different colors that I’m hoping will fit in well enough with my existing color scheme of yellow, white, & black. We shall see! Step 2 will probably be completed this weekend – I have little wooden figures that I plan to glue on the canvases when they dry.

And the title for this post was a direct quote from the sweet little boy I babysat tonight. All he wanted to do was read books, play catch, and play “go hide seek” : ) So cute! Also, we got to watch Tarzan! Love that movie.

Intent: Today my intent was to enjoy change. And I did! (I’m getting better with that!)

I am thankful for: socks & space heaters. Yep.


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