Symbolic & Reflective..

DAY 21

Ok, so I’m super excited to share these new pieces I’ve done for the massage studio! I came up with the latest concept I added to them – Chinese symbols – while completing my reading homework. Leave it to me : ) I went through the process of finding single characters that stood for words I felt correlated to the wooden figures and to the overall feel of the room I’m aiming for. The end result:

Owl : Light [yep..I found irony!]

Elephant : Dream [I linked the two because of the impeccable memories elephants have..sort of a loose interpretation, I guess.]

Anchor : Water

Key : Heart

Moonlight, my cat, was keeping me company today : ) She even found her reflection in the window (for like the 324575th time, but there is always a time for pretend).

Intent: to focus on the little details & how they interact.

I am thankful for: light bulb moments.



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