Heart’s You..

DAY 24

My title probably makes no sense ..yet! And it very well may just not make sense at all haha. I’m adjusting to the new schedule I have! Love my days, but it’s quite an adjustment after getting used to sleeping-in accompanied with late-nights. Oh, last week, you were awesome!

Anywho, the inspiration for the title: there was a note left by a mommy (yes, let the duh’s begin haha) for one of the kids I babysit. : ) “Mommy [heart]’s you!” It was so cute! I also must tell the part about when it was erased ..M was singing the ABC song while simultaneously erasing the note from mommy. I told him what it said and he interjected (somewhere between “n” & “t”) “M loves mommy!”

It was sweet to see & made me miss hanging out with my own mommy as much as I’d like to. Good thing I taught her to text! She even knows what “lol” means, which seems wrong to me haha.

Intent: to stay awake & energized. I did!!

I am thankful for: teachers who care!! And that there is a way to correct oneself from locked knee syndrome (I just made that up).



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