I Can Has Blanket..

DAY 25

Today was simply amazing. The sun was out [again]! I caught the sunrise AND sunset! Both were gorgeous.

Moonlight, my cat, has been adjusting to my new schedule this week. In her valiant effort, she boycotted movement for the better part of 3 days. The exceptions (so I’ve been told) were emergency potty & snack breaks, & (of course) the times when I was present. She hung out on my [so wisely chosen] grey heated blanket, & this photo is how she greeted me tonight at 11pm. : )

The hilariously positioned bag of bones (haha – get it 😉 is the skeleton in one of my classrooms this quarter. We couldn’t really pick a name for him last quarter, plus he kept going on roadtrips down the hall to other classrooms, so it almost wasn’t even necessary. Apparently – as of tonight – I’ve decided to name him Mr. [Creepy] Bones ..if only for my own satisfaction.

Intent: to stick to everything on my planner for the day. (Nearly completed! Thank goodness I didn’t put specific times or anything haha.)

I am thankful for: beautiful sunrises & sunsets.



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