Foster’s & Anteater Mickey Mouse..

DAY 26

Foster’s Market saved me today! I had no idea what I wanted for lunch when, all of a sudden (that line made me feel like I was writing an essay for my 4th grade writing test. Anyway..) I thought of Foster’s. Mom & I went there a few weeks ago for brunch & that was awesome, so I went back for a great (& healthy) lunch to-go. Pictured is their Portobella Panini with their Roasted Vegetable Salad. Amazing.

Now, the little crazy lookin’ figure is actually a Cervical Vertebra. On tonight’s agenda at school was a quiz on the bones of the Spine & Thorax. (I’m sure this content is thrilling you all right now. Shaking in your boots yet?) My instructor told us that she remembered the cervical vertebra picture because it reminded her of Mickey Mouse. Well, we were prepped for it to be a quiz primarily involving labeling diagrams, so I decided to do what I did while getting my Associate of Science degree & draw funky little pictures to help me remember the diagrams. It worked! (At least, I hope – grades aren’t in yet.) My drawing, however, reminded me not so much of Mickey, and more of an anteater.. Although the story isn’t all that entertaining, the picture is!! If you hung in this far to the story part, you should totally scroll down to see the image! I think I shall call him…Carl.

Intent: to have a stress-free day!

I am thankful for: places like Foster’s where I can go for a vegetarian-friendly, quick, affordable meal to-go.




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