Belated Present Exchange (Take 1)..

DAY 28

I wasn’t the best present giver Christmas 2011, I’m sad to say. Giving (especially around Christmas time) is one of my most favorite things to do. However, I did manage to create &/or buy for those closest to me, which included my parents, brother, and two friends. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen both friends, but I was fortunately able to meet up and exchange gifts with one friend last night.

I made her a homemade snow globe of sorts. I found the project on one of my most beloved! I spent a few hours gathering and assembling the product, but it was totally worth it! She loves Eeyore  & I think she was happy with it! (I definitely hope so! Poor Eeyore had started to wobble off his glue-base by the time she got him last night : /)

She made me these awesome homemade cards AND an Andrew Heringer CD. So amazing! I LOVE the cards!! She made me like 5 cards!! I’m so taking more pictures of them soon, but I’m sleepy & a bit lazy at the moment. : ) In case you missed my lengthy gushing post about Milo Greene, which Andrew is a part of (they opened for The Civil Wars on their most recent tour), here are a few sites you should totally check out. Like right now. Seriously. Go. For: Dawson & Marie, Andrew Heringer, Milo Greene.

Also, this week has been an interesting showcase of my musical mood preferences. (Nope, that sentence didn’t make much sense to me either, but it’s staying.) First it was Florence & the Machine, then Owl City, and the week wrapped up with NEEDTOBREATHE. Two songs in particular have been on replay in my mind, and are actually a great deal of the inspiration for my 7am trip to Lake Wheeler in the morning. Rather, in about 6 hours. We Could Run Away & Drive All Night. Enjoy! Those pictures will be posted tomorrow night.

I am thankful for: great/amazing/awesome/talented/lasting/meaningful/powerful bands & lives they touch with the songs they create.


PS: {note to self} In the future, refrain from speaking about other children falling out of bed while babysitting..You did this tonight & yet another child fell out of bed mere seconds after the story had been told. (Sorry, M!!)


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