Coffee & The Wet Sock Treatment..

DAY 30

Yes, the title must be explained in greater detail. I agree.

Firstly, I love coffee. End of topic one. (Haha) Ok, the whole story behind the mention of coffee today in particular is that my morning adventure sparked something I wanted to write about (if only briefly…. or not so briefly). I went rather early for a coffee run to a local Starbucks and ran into a former customer. I spent 2.5 years with Starbucks. The latter portion of which I grew close to several regular customers. I consider many, well, friends. The store I worked at for the majority of my time with the company was closed in June of 2011. Actually leaving many (both customers & employees alike) saddened and almost a bit heart-broken. Our store wasn’t like any other Starbucks I’ve visited. Ours was homey, welcoming, efficient, a little family of sorts (dysfunctional was our middle name, but we were a family for better or worse). And I never seem to escape endless compliments and well-wishes from loving former customers, many of whom I run into almost weekly. I go to the mall, Target, other coffee shops, restaurants, etc. and there is usually someone who almost doesn’t recognize me because I’m out of uniform. I guess I wanted to take a snippet of  time to thank everyone I met in that store. Many of you are still in my life one way or another, but to those who aren’t & whom I may never see again – Thank you for touching mine in whatever way you did. I truly do consider many of you friends & wish all of you the best.

On a happier (and less somber – my apologies!) note, my teacher alerted me to a hydrotherapy (water therapy) treatment, which uses cold water to help relieve headaches & congestion. She tried it last night and now says she’ll swear by it! The basics: take a cotton (or thin) pair of socks, soak them in ice cold water, wring them out until they are as dry as you can get them, place them on your feet, followed by a second, thicker (preferably wool) pair, go to bed. The chilliness of the cold socks on your feet sends a signal to your immune system that blood & lymph (don’t worry about the details – it’s important for your immune system) are needed in your feet, so it is redirected from your head to your feet. Apparently when you wake up, your socks (both pair) are dry, congestion is gone, headache has poofed. How stinkin’ cool is that?! I’m definitely trying this tonight & will report back tomorrow night!

Also, today I saw deer on my way home from nannying!! There were about 5 of them that darted across a secondary road, right next to a school crossing zone around 3:45 in the afternoon. I love seeing deer anytime of the day, but I think it is so cool to be able to see them in daylight!

Funny story – actually my day consisted of 2, and I’ll share both in the hopes that someone will get a laugh or 2 from my stories.. First thing this morning, my favorite (& oldest) pair of jeans gave way. Ripped. Dead. But there may be hope because the tear left me with enough material to make (what I’m hoping to be) a decent pair of jean shorts!! Then I get to school early to study for a quiz in my first class. Yeah…I  definitely waited outside the wrong classroom (1 door away from where I needed to be) for a good 10-15 minutes, while the clinic supervisor stared at me. Good times!

I am thankful for: Water. Denim. Amazing people. Coffee.


    • Gene
    • January 31st, 2012

    Beautiful! I love this posting (not just because I’m a member of the coffee family but that does make me feel special) but I love it because your words get to the essence of the experience so that I can experience it through your words. Very mindful.

    • Gene
    • January 31st, 2012

    Oh, almost forgot! I’m going to try that cold, wet sock treatment tonight. How did it work for you?

    • It means a lot to me that you follow the blog and think highly of my work. Truly. As for the treatment, it lived up to the hype and worked quite well!

  1. February 1st, 2012

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