Puzzling, Bones, & Words..

DAY 31

Last day of January!! I just noticed that..oopsy! Well, it’s been real. : )

I must share what today’s theme of life seemed to be : what was said needed to be heard & what was heard needed to be said. Several of my friends seemed to have experienced this phenomenon with me today. It was pretty neat that so many people had this happen on the same day, but I guess that’s just how things work sometimes!

The first picture is of this awesome little puzzle that I discovered while babysitting. The pieces have magnets on them & there is a rod with string and another magnet attached to it. You literally fish for the puzzle pieces! And – here’s the kicker – the puzzle was of underwater creatures!! (Yeah, you probably figured that already, or saw the picture, but I thought it was cool!) I took the picture with my iPad app called “Paper Camera” – love this thing! There are all types of effects you can play around with.

The other picture was taken before class. (For those who might like to know..yes, I did go to the correct classroom today. No waiting for this girl!) One of the previous classes left these bony people out, so I felt it warranted a picture!

I also had a picture of the sunrise, but the camera on my phone just didn’t do it justice. I’ll take a pretty one and post it soon!

I am thankful for: new inventions ..& old ones ..like nap time.


PS: That wet sock treatment totally works! (See this post if that sentence totally threw you for a loop.)

    • Gene
    • February 1st, 2012

    I’m loving having the time to follow your posts each day. I know that writing and “shooting” every day takes real commitment–I struggle with it–but your work inspires me. Thanks and don’t stop. (Tried the wet socks; that takes commitment too! 🙂

    • I’m so glad you do follow the blog!! It’s been surprisingly easier than I expected to take pictures each day, but I think it’s because I’m allowing myself to simply photograph my day & not necessarily set up an amazing shot. I think that was a good plan for me, but I do hope my skills improve!
      Yes, the wet sock treatment absolutely takes commitment!! I’m glad you tried it! My mom did as well..no report as of yet!

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