Click It, Or Miss It..

DAY 34

I’m exhausted & it’s only 6pm!! Today has been quite amazing though.

I woke up in a particularly harsh way at 6am ..I continued sneezing for the next hour before I got my sleepy behind out of bed, soaked a wash cloth in ice cold water for a minute, placed it on my throat, covered it with a thick, dry hand towel, and passed out again (sleeping through my alarms). I’m glad to say..I haven’t sneezed anymore today, but boy was that rough! day improved immensely when I truly woke up.

Today was shop til you drop day with M! (And I would have dropped were it not for tea and knowing I get to babysit an awesome kid in a bit!) We went to Kohl’s (where I was incorrectly thoroughly convinced that my total was 3 times its true amount..nearly had a coronary), Straw Valley Cafe (where they now have smoothies ..M and I tried the Chai smoothie ..awesome!), visited Pomegranate Kitchen for the first time (and absolutely love the food & the chef – sweet lady!), Plato’s Closet (where I got lucky & purchased a pair of very nice jeans for $3!!! The last pair I tried on, but well-worth the wait!), & Moonberries for fro-yo. See..packed day, but so much fun!

I shall leave you to enjoy the random & whacky collection of photos!

I am thankful for: bargain shopping!





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