Shine A Light..

DAY 33

I love the number 3!! Ok, on to the important things ..I remembered what points I wanted to add to yesterdays post – they are quite random, but what else have we learned to expect from me? Haha.

Yesterday was a major milestone for me ..I had Ramen noodles for the first time! Yep! Sad, but true : )

Also, my teacher graded our quizzes and proceeded to put an assortment of stickers on the graded papers. The one she happened to place on my quiz, I also have marked as a favorite quote and written on one of the plaques that used to hang in my room. Dance like no one is watching.

As for today, I – being that it was day 33 – had an absolutely awesome day! I slept in a bit, had coffee, a mani-pedi day (at La Vie Nail Spa..the only one I’ll go to – super clean & affordable!!), hung out with my mom & the pets for a bit, headed off to work at Duke for a little while, got a much-delayed new ID badge, & had a pretty enjoyable night of classes!

The pictures I ended up taking were from Straw Valley Cafe, Bubbles (my car), and the kitchen counter. My Sports & Seated Massage class is supposed to have a class outing to practice seated massage, so I [of course] suggested Straw Valley Cafe. Not sure if that will happen, but the idea is out there! I wanted to get a few pictures of the sitting rooms in the house, but, well ..they were mostly full!! (Yay!) I found one room that was unlocked and free of patrons, which also happened to boast its floor space. As well as the newer “wing” of the house, which was locked – hence the reflection photos. : )

The photo tour then moves into my car, better known to very few people as Bubbles. The story behind the name, you ask? I had a parking decal from the community college I was attending which had polka dots, which looked like bubbles. I had that decal the longest amount of time (and liked it best out of the 3 I had), so I named my lovely car Bubbles. The elephant hanging from my rear-view mirror was purchased at Light Years in Southpoint Mall – LOVE that store! I asked one of the girls I babysit to help me name him. She wanted to name him after herself, but once I told her my idea to name him PeekABoo (because of my high school graduation tassel which drapes ever-so-not-elegantly around him), she was sold!

And finally, I took a picture of the quote from my green passion tea bag because I feel it rings true for me. Inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness. The jury is still out on whether I prefer the Dove chocolate or tea bag quotes..

Also, the title of the post was inspired by the pictures, but is a series of lyrics in a Needtobreathe song ..Washed by the Water. I’ve had this amazing band on repeat literally all week! Last week I was on an Owl City kick, and this week it’s Needtobreathe! With an appearance by Marc Broussard his song Home!!! Anywho, the song Washed by the Water is what truly made me have the desire to want to visit a lake last weekend. I unfortunately slept through that opportunity, BUT am definitely going at some point this weekend!

I am thankful for: unexpected moments of joy.

Enjoy your Friday!!




    • Geno
    • February 3rd, 2012

    Love the self-portraits 🙂 and I must get to Straw Valley today!

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