Saturday Adventures..

DAY 35

I learned a new phrase tonight that I fully intend on incorporating into my vocab ..Nerd off. Great, right?! (Thanks, B!)

My Saturday was quite eventful!! I met with S around 9 this morning. We grabbed lattes at Parker & Otis, visited the Durham Farmer’s Market for the first time (where I was lectured by a lovely gentleman about hand sanitizer ….yep), hiked over to Whole Foods on Wade Ave, lunch in Brier Creek, & wrapped our day up at Michael’s (yay crafts!). I had a great time & snagged a few pictures along the way!

Also, I made my own hand sanitizer today. It is composed of Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon, & Lemongrass essential oils & Aloe Vera gel and jelly. It didn’t take long to make and smells pretty great. My teacher shared the recipe with my class & has scientific research that this blend of oils kills the MRSA virus. (Mr Sir at the market wasn’t too keen on this. Oh, wait..he didn’t even take a breath so I could tell him. haha)

The pictures are from downtown Durham, my yard, craft items, & Eeyore!

I am thankful for: music & comedy & those who share both with the world.




    • binal
    • February 6th, 2012

    haha im reading all the posts ive missed! 🙂 awesomeness

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