Angry, Yet Sari..

DAY 37

I am sure I’ll catch some kind of back lash for the title of the post, but my best friend is Indian and I think she’ll forgive me! (Please forgive me, B!!) The title sort of made itself up, and you’ll see why when you scroll down to the pictures. : )

But first, there is a gorgeous [what I believe is] wrought iron wall hanging that has caught my attention recently. I think it is beautiful, but especially so when the light hits it just right and casts the best shadows of the day. I may very well be the only one who would find it so beautiful, but that’s quite all right. The actual piece is much larger than what is shown; I simply picked one detail out and captured the image with my smart phone.¬†Speaking of which..M gave me a new sticker today – an Angry Birds sticker!! I replaced the train sticker he gave me last week with the new bird (haha). And last, but not least, is the promised photo of the sari, though I decided to zoom in so that I could show the several patterns within the fabric. Isn’t it lovely?! And pink! ; )

I am thankful for: the PBS app, which allowed me to catch last night’s episode of Downton Abbey during nap time today!


UPDATE: I left off images of the elephant I gave B ..oops! Nonetheless, I found my brain cells and here are the pictures!! Enjoy!


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