Word Trees..

DAY 38

I feel like this counting the days bit could begin to feel somewhat like making tally marks on the wall of a prison cell. However, I don’t feel that I’m in a prison, which cancels out the initial feeling, right?

I caught a couple of shots of the sunrise today..on the smart phone (which I wish was smart enough to have a better camera, but I digress).

I also decided to showcase my amazing artistic talents today whilst babysitting. Not sure if I impressed anyone, but I had fun! I also think I could truly have stumbled onto a future business card logo..We shall see!

The final 3 images are from a series of calendar cards, which I love! These are my favorites from the group, but I’ll post the remaining images soon.

Short post tonight peeps – this girl is off to watch House & crash!

I am thankful for: notebooks, highlighters, & heated blankets. Also crayons, chalk, & stickers.



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