Bullet Pointed..

DAY 39

First off – yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Duke!!

Secondly, I’m going to make this post a bullet-point post because I’m hoping it will help me stay on topic with all of the random points I’d like to make. : )

* I left off the pictures of B’s gift from my recent post Angry, Yet Sari ..It has been updated!

* The Body Deli is amazing! On my last order, I wrote in the comments that I love their company & products & hope they are able to open a place in North Carolina (as they are in Cali right now) soon. My response? Not only did I receive a hand-written post-it (which totally made me happy), but they also sent a free Oatmeal Honey bar soap…..I’m still speechless & very touched by their kindness & attention to detail!

* I bought Magnesium today because my teacher said it’s great for (1) women, (2) daily prevention for headaches, & (3) it aids in muscle relaxation. I haven’t honestly done my homework on it, but I trust her & I’m game for any all-natural help when it comes to headache prevention.

* Tomorrow I’m going to give blood for the first time! This is something I’ve looked forward to for most of my life. I know, strange, but I remember watching & hearing about my parents giving blood & I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to do the same! Now, nearly 3 years after that point, I’m going to donate for the first time!

* Buxism is the term for grinding teeth.

* Lice is also known as Cooties. Seriously.

* We got to play with mud in class (Spa) today! So much fun!

* I am super excited to have even tentative plans to see The Artist this weekend at The Carolina Cinema! I love silent films! I also love the ’20’s, so I’m set! : )

* I’d like to direct your attention to a friend’s blog. Her latest post features our outing last week, which I also blogged about! She’s a very talented and kind-hearted person!

* Thank you to all of my recent followers!! I can’t express how grateful I am to know that you all appreciate what I have to share.

I am thankful for: all the kind & attractive guys I ran into today. (Just being honest!)




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