Give To Live..

DAY 40

The big four-O people!

This morning I ventured off into the great unknown..I donated blood for the first time! I’ve looked forward to this for the past 20 years. Seriously..I have. I grew up watching my parents donate, watched friends donate, volunteered for a couple summers with the Red Cross, & even avoided getting a tattoo I’ve desperately wanted for the past 5 years (I knew it would inhibit my donating abilities). The main point: today was a great day! I should also explain today’s picture ..I took the photo with my left hand (if only someone had taken a picture of what that contortion looked like Ha!). It is of my right elbow all wrapped in my purple bandage with my window and “Live” word cut out in the background. I thought it was appropriate. : )

What made it even better you ask?? Well, I discovered this amazing duet : 2cellos. These guys are not only extremely attractive (I mean, look at them!), but immensely talented! They had their big break in January 2011 with their youtube debut of Smooth Criminal. They were also featured recently on an episode of Glee! However, Pandora introduced me to these talented cellists today with their rendition of Use Somebody. I was hooked.

I am thankful for: being able to cross goals off my bucket list.


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