Celebrate Movie Time, Come On..

DAY 42

I’d first like to say that I had this song going through my head when I thought up the title. : )

So after sleeping in [quite a bit] this morning, I got ready & went to one of my favorite tiny people’s birthday parties! H turned 2 on Thursday, but celebrated today. There were dinosaur balloons and cars galore! Mom went with me & we had a great time!! We watched adults & children racing on toy cars & met a very nice delivery girl from Rudino’s. I then went to hang out with one of my other favorite tiny people, M. We watched The Wizard of Oz (again : ) ), read Toy Story & Finding Nemo several times, had a pizza party, & she informed me of 3 of her stuffed animals’ names ..Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, & Eeyore were Blanket, Window, & Water respectively. She is one hilarious kid!

Tomorrow is going to be filled with the completion of piles of homework & cleaning my room, so I can only imagine what the photos will be. Haha.

I am thankful for: this movie..Life As We Know It. Also, this movie..The Hunger Games, which will be out in 41 days.



    • Geno
    • February 12th, 2012

    I really like this post because it reminds me of some of my favorite things–tiny people, kids, balloons, movies. Haven’t seen Life as We K It but it’s on my list. (Movies that don’t have scenes where people get hurt are favorites of mine too. Movies that make me laugh but also make me think are top of the list.) Your posts just get betteren better. And you inspire me. Make me want to get back to blogging. Think I will soon too and I thank you for it.

    • I’m glad I’ve convinced you to look into the movie! You should also see The Artist! You’d love it!! I feel like my posts don’t make sense half the time because they’re written when I’ve got one eye open and many other things running rampant in my mind. All that is to say that I’m very glad you feel they’re improving! I love your blog! I hope you do go back to it!!

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