The Power Of Music..

DAY 43

I did major battle with iTunes today. I sat and I sat and I waited patiently and…iTunes won. That’s ok..I’ll get you tomorrow, my pretty!

Speaking of’s Grammy night!! And you can bet I’m glued to the tube for this year’s program. Some of my favorites are nominated & performing. : )

I didn’t do anything special today, just lots of cleaning, rearranging, and studying. Oh, and I finally purchased the 2cellos album, Moulin Rouge soundtrack, and A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. Something about that song always tears at my heart. And now it’s available to me  just a simple click away! Pandora sent a throwback song my way today..Youth of the Nation (which I luckily have on my iTunes and was able to keep on repeat for a good little while).

I’ve believed for some time that, in a sense, time travel occurs with music (& scents, but that’s another post I’ll save for when I’m in Aromatherapy). Think about hear a song  & more times than not, you are able to recall where you were (physically or simply in time), what emotions you felt, the list goes on.. Something I’ve always found intriguing about that particular creative medium.

I am thankful for: free time & the power of music.



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