One Sock Wonder..

DAY 44

I got to play with paraffin! Woohoo! takes so little to make massage people happy. The picture for today is of what remains from my paraffin wax treatment. Allow me to explain a bit..there is a warming contraption that looks a bit like a crock pot in which the paraffin wax is melted, once a liquid, one’s hands can be dipped in the quite warm solution, then placed in a baggie and allowed to sit for usually 25-30 minutes. The treatment is great for improving blood flow & skin’s texture. Very fun! I was actually able to (with V’s help) get the form-fitted “gloves” off my hands in-tact. However, they looked deformed, so I decided to mold it for the remainder of class. What I created was some sort of disc. The end. : )

The title of today’s post..random. I know, but what else should anyone expect from me?! I was calling someone this earlier today because he was, well, only wearing one sock. That’s really it.

On my way home tonight, I was listening to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack and this song began to play. I love the beat & the song in general, yet I got a bit emotional.. I think it’s probably because the words got to me moreso than the music. Anyway..I thought I’d share in case anyone else might need to hear it!

Also, to anyone who may want to know..Straw Valley is closed on Mondays. I promise I knew this..saw the signs, heard people talking about it, etc. And yet, I drove my beautiful self over there today only to find an empty parking lot. Blonde moment!!

I am thankful for: socks. Because they keep your feet warm & they are cute..sometimes.



    • Geno
    • February 14th, 2012


  1. Haha! I had an interesting Monday!

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