‘Tis Heart Day..

DAY 45

Happy Heart Day! Also known as: Single’s Awareness Day & I think some people have called it Valentine’s Day. : )

For the occasion, I created pipe cleaner hearts while nannying today. Then I discovered a free app on the AppStore (Snapseed) and played around with the pictures I had taken. And voila!

I spent the better part of my afternoon studying & listening to music by Nathan Angelo. (Side note: I discovered him via a few posts by Cole on his blog, Blest Photography. Thank you, sir!!) I follow him on Twitter & noticed this rather lengthy conversation he’d started about which of 3 of his songs his followers felt were most appropriate for them today. The choices: Forgetting You, Born To Love You, Someday Soon or Love Sucks. Anyway..you should check out all of his music..great artist!

And finally..major news – I hit a milestone yesterday and didn’t even realize it! The blog has passed 1,000 views!! Thanks to those of you who’ve made that happen! It means a lot to me to know there are people who are following the blog, commenting, or living out the stories with me.

I am thankful for: being loved & loving everyday!


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