Only Place I Call Home..

DAY 51

Title credit goes to Every Avenue’s song Only Place I Call Home. Which has been on repeat steadily since about 2pm. I’m sure everyone who was on highway 40 now knows the lyrics ..Sorry guys!

I was pouring over every song in my iTunes, searching youtube, & vimeo trying to find inspiration for a title when I logged on to facebook to see the video posted. It fit!

I had today off from nannying, so I woke up early, finished a bit of reading & a test I had to take, went to lunch at Shiki Sushi with mommy & another awesome mommy/daughter duo, M & N (hehe),  grabbed coffee, took Jac on a walk with Baby (the camera), returned home, & have been listening to music & catching up on some things around the house since.

The song fit perfectly because most of my best days involve me, music, & a lovely chunk time spent outside. I’ve moved around a bit, but one important thing that remains constant is nature. I always have a spot. It doesn’t take me very long to discover where I’ll be anchoring myself when we move to a new place. There are always tons of trees, large rocks, & [the most important part] water. Now, I can’t give away my exact spot location, but it does reside along this trail I walked with Jac.

I am thankful for: beautiful weather & quality time with people I love. Also, the repeat option on my iPod.



Mr. Cuteness again

I call her, Shadow



    • Geno
    • February 21st, 2012

    You’re surrounded by some really cool animals and some really cool people and are inspired by some really cool images. And don’t be moving around any more. You’re home now. Besides, your postings make me feel good and even though you could post from anywhere, I like knowingl that your nearby. Thanks for the thoughts and the pics.

    • Comments like this keep me encouraged! Thanks, Gene! We still need to meet for coffee. Maybe I’ll make it on Thursday to meet with you and the guys. I’ll keep you posted!

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