Goofiness & Giggles..

DAY 52

I had a great day! I also had very limited sleep, which always makes me very… I’m not sure there is a word for it, but we’re going to say goofy. Yes, goofy. As in I was laughing through almost 4 hours of class. This is also why I received the nickname Giggles.

At any rate, I discovered one of the kids I babysit for feels very strongly about the fact that a tree in his backyard is “Brittany’s house.” … I just went with it. He wanted me to take a picture of the windchime, so I did as requested. It actually turned out better than expected.

The other photos are actually postcards sold up north (in Maine) that a friend shared with me today. I thought they were funny & wanted to pass along a little laughter.

In other news..I was the demo for traction/joint mobilization tonight. It was so lovely, but now I’m uneven as only half my body was used for the demo. : (

I still have the latest 2 songs I posted on constant repeat in my car, but I was told to check out this group called Pentatonix today. Amazing. Here is a video of the group performing Dog Days Are Over (it begins at 1:50).


I am thankful for: being the demo in class.




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