Good Causes & New Discoveries..

DAY 53


You were full of crazy (nice) weather, a new restaurant that I plan to return to often (Qdoba), the realization that coffee may make me sick (B.O.O.), music that took me back to a completely different time in my life (so glad I bought real estate  in a new attitudinal zip code), & a random and very painful busted blood vessel in my ring D.I.P. – distal interphalangeal – (AKA finger) joint. : )

The pictures I took were from playtime outside (for the most part). There is one that I took during sunrise of the light hitting a blanket in such a cool way. I used my Blackberry again (I should really learn to remember to bring Baby).

Also, a friend of a friend is shaving heads for St. Baldrick’s Foundation tomorrow. Donations are greatly appreciated to fund the research the foundation does regarding kids cancer. One of my previous managers attended the head shaving event & raved about the experience and the foundation for months. If you’re able to donate, the link to the website is: & all you’d need to do is type in “Ashley Gerke” on the donation page. All donations are due tomorrow (Thursday) by 3pm. (Thanks!)

I am thankful for: great causes, those who bring them into fruition, & the work that is accomplished and lives touched.



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