Just Not Made For Walking..

DAY 54

It was SO nice out today! So very nice that once I finished running a few errands this morning, I had mom meet me at Straw Valley Cafe. We had iced drinks & sat outside to enjoy the weather (& photo opportunities!).

Unfortunately, I forgot to take Baby with me to school tonight. My Kinesiology II class went for a lovely 45 minute walk around a shopping center across from school. I did, however, make sure I brought my phone with me, so I was able to capture a decent picture of the sunset we saw!

Also unfortunate..I picked today to wear my Converse. Love the shoes, but they are just not made for walking (for exercise). So I drove to school in Converse. Drove home in my Crocs (that I forgot I had stashed in the trunk).

Ooh! So last night one of my classmates told me about a class I’ll be taking soon in which I’ll discover my Ayurvedic mind & body type (also known as a Dosha). I decided to do a little research early & discovered that I’m Pita (as are at least 3 of my friends..which I think is a strange/awesome coincidence)! Here is the site if you’re interested to find out which Dosha you belong to: http://doshaquiz.chopra.com/.

At any rate, here are the photos!

I am thankful for: Thursdays.




    • Geno
    • February 24th, 2012

    Whoa! Really love the closeup/abstract or nearly abstract photos. I love to see things in a different way and often that means seeing them through someone else’s point of view. Yours is grooovey. 🙂 Ha, grooovey.

  1. Haha..groooovey! Love it! I must say, I kind of love these pictures! I’m so glad you’ve been able to follow the blog!
    PS: Sorry I missed coffee yesterday! I take advantage of any morning I get to sleep in now. : /

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