Sunday Passersby..

DAY 57

Woke up early. Took Jac for a walk.
Stopped for pictures several times.
Got ready. Went to get a smoothie & ran into a friend I haven’t seen in a while.
On the drive home I saw a dad teaching his son to ride a bike and an older couple walking their dog.  [Very sweet.]
Came home & have been working on homework since.
Had a dinner date with mommy.
Continued with homework & will be viewing the Oscars shortly.
It’s been a great day!

The pictures..were all taken while on the walk. A few of them I took “blind” in the sense that I was holding the camera away from my face with the LCD screen off. They [shockingly] turned out much better than I expected..and on the first try.

I stumbled upon this photoblog, which was created in an effort to make the girls’ grandmother (who has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma..this is the article) able to experience the girls’ lives and keep updated with what was going on. A great idea, if you ask me! The story was very touching & the blog is now – needless to say – bookmarked on my laptop.

I am thankful for: the fact that in an odd way, seeing others smiling, laughing, and enjoying moments makes me happy to be alive.



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